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Passage to Freedom

Dawn Mellowship, (O Books), Publication Date: 28 February 2008, ISBN: 978-1846940781, RRP £9.99.

 Allow me to take you on a journey. Passage to Freedom is about escaping the clutches of our human nature and embarking upon a challenging yet magnificent trail to freedom. 

Millions of people, worldwide, are wandering the earth bogged down by the overwhelming stress of their everyday lives. The world is searching for its soul; for a better way of life. Dawn Mellowship provides the perfect remedy for obtaining peace, happiness, spiritual fulfilment and ultimately enlightenment. Dawn's words are honest and insightful, transporting you to a place called Nirvana where truth reigns free and profound wisdom is the norm. 

Over eight sections you will be taken on a tour from humanity to enlightenment, using seven doctrines and practical exercises to foster this growth. Each section is tailored to help you achieve precise evolutionary goals, with a combination of conscious right living and innovative healing and meditation based techniques. 

If you are one of those millions of people seeking a peaceful and contented life, this book is for you, offering the potential to achieve real happiness and truly accomplish your spiritual goals. 

You will learn how to: deal with anger, release guilt and worry, boost your self-esteem, let go of the past, love yourself and others unconditionally, become healthier, find inner peace, enhance your intuitive connection and more. 

Are you ready to cross the passage to freedom?


“Passage to Freedom” is an inspiring title that combines a spiritual treasure trove of wisdom with practical exercises accessible to all of us for use in our daily lives. Illustrated throughout with clear instructions, the information and inspiration emanating from Dawn Mellowship is a major achievement and will certainly help all readers gain insight into the way through and around life's problems, worries, and our own emotional, spiritual  and physical difficulties." 

Sandra Goodman PhD, Editor and Director, Positive Health Magazine, 

"There are many books out there, the secret is to read the right ones. Dawn has written one of the right one's. May her wisdoms remind you of who you truly are. This book is your precious pearl of wisdom."

Andrea Foulkes - Celebrity Past Life Regression Expert on uk tv's ITV1.Founder - Soul Freedom Therapy ®

"In a world that moves faster by the day it is refreshing to be shown a path that slows down the pace of life and encourages reflection. Dawn writes directly, powerfully and eloquently on the fundamental issues of spiritual enlightenment and finding your ‘inner-truth'." 

Adam Smith, Chief Executive,

"Dawn takes us on a deeply spiritual yet very grounded journey to finding our true path in life and being the best we can possibly be - written from the heart! " 

Sara Turner, Flower Essence Consultant and MySpiritRadio Presenter

"For anyone on a soul-finding mission, this essential guide will help steer you on your journey to enlightenment." 

Charlotte Smith , Editor, Natural Health Magazine 

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