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You Can Only Achieve What is Possible

Dawn Mellowship, (O Books), Publication Date: 25 July 2008, ISBN: 978-1846941092, RRP £11.99.

We are a self-help society and there are materials prolifically available promising ways for us to soothe our stress and radically transform our lives. We are frequently told to reach for our dreams, that nothing is impossible, that our desires can be fully realised. Dawn Mellowship offers a refreshing twist, in sharp contrast, proclaiming that, quite to the contrary, you can only achieve what is possible. What is more, Dawn surmises that it is only when you come to desire what you really need, that you undergo a meaningfully positive life transformation.

Over thirteen chapters, Dawn's next book, You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible, challenges some assumptions commonly held by self-help experts, about our well-being, all this ironically and neatly packaged in a self-help book. 

With a smattering of spiritedness, Dawn's propositions include feeling the fear and running away, backing your good intentions up with actions, learning to want what you need, giving your ego a break, waking up to life's real purpose, relinquishing some responsibility, recognising the complexities of our emotions and more.

Dawn provides more than just theoretical concepts, ending each chapter with useful meditation, healing and intention based techniques, to help you get to grips with your intuition and truly cultivate your own personal and spiritual growth.

Remember, you can only achieve what is possible.


"Dawn Mellowship's book fills you with laughter, profound thoughts and a sense of yourself. This is not another one of those self-help books that tend to almost dictate how you should improve and lead your life, how to react to the multitude of people and situations that confront you. If anything, it says we are all on the same liner flowing through the ocean of life and it is up to us how we entertain ourselves and others during thejourney. With some we can dance, with others it is best not to try. We can be selfish as long as we don't encroach on others. Being selfless is not always the most productive way to enlightenment. We must not forget about ourselves. 

Dawn pulls the plug on the emotional bathwater without you feeling drained. You gain relief and a sense that you are no different from the author. This is focused through the development of your intuition. Dawn achieves this by stories that inform and entertain you, a practical guide that develops and improves your intuition and gives you the tools, trust and courage to acknowledge that it is you who is vital. Through a wonderfully honest and refreshing voice, Dawn Mellowship talks to all of us as a friend. 

Dr. Edward Dudzik (BSc, PhD) - Medical Biochemical Researcher, Reiki Practitioner

"Bringing a breath of fresh air to the overcrowded 'self-help' market, instead of preaching and promising quick fixes, Dawn's book incorporates plain speaking, common sense, wisdom and intelligence together with practical techniques, empowering the reader to trust and follow their own intuition in life. Ultimately, our destiny and happiness are in our own hands and we have to work at it on an intuitive level, not relying on the universe to grant our whims. Dawn's book is a refreshing change from all those other self-help books which seem to promise the world but don't deliver. It drew me in from the beginning. Once I started reading, I didn't want to stop." 

Gaynor Youl BSc(Hons), Naturopath, Aromatherapist, Reiki Healer Level II

"A book to make you think, to make choices for today and the day after...Your choices make your Proust said: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes." 

Sue Gadd, Headteacher

"From the practical title to the inspiring content, Dawn captures the essence of one's spiritual journey. Dawn's writing has great logic, humour and clarity that will appeal to any reader wanting to further their path to enlightenment. Illustrated with simple, practical exercises, this book contains stimulating advice and tips on how to overcome the perceived obstacles blocking one's true purpose." 

Ruth Morris, Life Coach and Trainer, Freedom of Life

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