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Are there any laws regulating Reiki?

Written by Dawn Mellowship

Reiki in the UK comes under the Voluntary Self-Regulation (VSR) process. The body that represents Reiki is The Reiki Council (formerly Reiki Regulatory Work Group).

At the moment, the framework for VSR is the National Occupational Standards (NOS). The NOS were developed to ensure Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers work within clearly defined professional standards. The NOS set the minimum standard required for professional Reiki practice. This will have the dual effect of both protecting the public from poorly trained Reiki practitioners and driving up the standard of Reiki offered professionally.

The NOS are set out in the form of a series of competencies and the underpinning knowledge associated with each competency. From these competencies and knowledge templates the Educational Sub Group will develop the core curriculum and qualification and assessment structure for Reiki.

The Reiki Council has affiliated with The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT). This means the federal regulating body for Reiki is the GRCCT.

Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers can register for VSR by registering with the GRCCT. This is not a legal requirement at present, but it is a good idea for all professional Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers to register. Once registered, there is a requirement to comply with the NOS.

Last Updated on 28 April 2010
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