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Reiki treatments in the workplace

Sit back, relax and enjoy some precious moments of zen calm. Ahh...that's better. Who needs expresso when you've got Reiki to boost your employees energy and concentration. We are happy to trek to your London office(s) on a weekly or monthly basis to offer short Reiki treatments to employees, either at their desk or during their lunch hour. 

Reiki is non-invasive and no massage or manipulation is involved. A qualified Reiki practitioner places their hands just above the client (or directly on the head, shoulder or back area if agreed by the client) and channels external energy into the client to promote a sense of wellbeing, improve health and reduce stress. Sensations can include: heat, tingling and a sense of calm and deep relaxation.  

Fees for our corporate Reiki treatments

Call out fee - £30 (to cover our travel expenses)

  • 15 minute Reiki treatment - £15 per session. 
  • 20 minute Reiki treatment - £20 per session.
  • 30 minute Reiki treatment - £30 per session.

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