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Team Building Reiki Days

It's true that we are thrown together with the people we work with, but that doesn't mean we can't have a fantastic, communicative team that keeps a business running like a well-oiled machine. On a Reiki day employees will learn how to self-administer Reiki and use it for themselves on a physical and emotional level, as well as learning meditations to help cope with stress. Participants will get the opportunity to scan each other for energy blockages, practice Reiki on each other and get to know their colleagues on a whole new level. Team building Reiki days are fun, relaxing, informative, zen and extremely useful.



Cost: POA
Maximum attendees: 10 in one session.
Hours: 10am to 5pm
Materials: All attendees will receive a comprehensive Reiki manual and a certificate of attendance.


  • What is Reiki? - Brief history / timeline / Fundamentals
  • Science of Reiki - Brief information about the latest research on energy healing.
  • Denju (Reiki attunement) - an enlightening process that enables anyone to be a Reiki healer.
  • Detox process - Discussion about the cleansing process caused by attunements.
  • Benefits of Reiki - There are many and we will discuss some of them.
  • Reiki hand positions - Basic hand positions for self-treatment with Reiki.
  • Signs of release - indicators that Reiki is working and having the desired effect.
  • Using Reiki safely - contraindications for those on certain medications.
  • Reactions to Reiki -a brief explanation of the reactions Reiki can cause such as tingling, heat etc.
  • Scanning - how to scan the body for energy blockages. Attendees will practice on each other!
  • Shirushi / Jumon / Kotodama - the Reiki symbols and how to use them for physical and emotional healing.
  • Hands on Reiki - How to practice Reiki on yourself.
  • Reiki practical - a chance to practice Reiki on each other.
  • Reiki meditations - extra tools for relaxation, boosting wellbeing and stress management.
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