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Reiki Training - Level 2

This Reiki training is the Reiki practitioner level, allowing students to use Reiki professionally if they wish. It also allows the Reiki student to use Reiki on a physical and emotional level, to work directly on physical injuries and illnesses and emotional traumas, stress, depression and anxiety. A level 2 Reiki training course is the 'ki' part of the Reiki training, enabling you to use lower frequencies of energy.

By the end of this Reiki training you will be able to use Reiki for yourself and others on a physical and emotional level, comprehending how to use the Reiki symbols (shirushi) jumon (mantra) and kotodama (power of language) in order to achieve this. You will understand how to interview clients and abide by any relevant laws. 


£175 - full day 9:30am to 5pm 

Entry requirements:

Must have completed a Reiki level 1 course.


  • Reiki Lineage
  • Reiki Ideals (Usui Sensei/ Mrs Takata)
  • Laws - most common
  • Professionalism and treating clients
  • Interview form
  • Treatment form
  • Working as a Reiki practitioner
  • The key concepts of Reiki
  • The Shirushi (Reiki symbols)
  • Jumon (mantra)
  • Kotodama (sounds to invoke specific universal vibrations)
  • Passive Reiki healing
  • Active Reiki healing
  • Giving Reiki treatments
  • Hands on Reiki (Student practice)
  • Distant Reiki
  • Japanese Reiki techniques (Gyoshi Ho / Koki Ho / Hatsu rei ho)

There is 1 attunement with this Reiki training.

NB: After each attunement and practice session, time will be given to discuss the students experiences.

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