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Andy Chrysostomou is an author and freelance writer based in the United Kingdom. Andy writes about the things he is most passionate about, ethical and environmental issues, and Reiki and spirituality. Currently, Andy reviews spiritual, self-development and health-related books for High Spirit Magazine.

Andy first learned Reiki in 2000 to help with a spinal condition. Doctors told Andy he would eventually be confined to a wheelchair due to a degenerative condition called spondylosis of the spine. After learning Reiki and self-healing on a daily basis, Andy's back condition radically improved and he was able to live a normal life, exercise six days a week and continue with one of his passions, weight training. 

Reiki quickly became a centre-point for his life and Andy is now an experienced and dedicated Reiki teacher and practitioner and has taught many hundreds of students traditional Usui Reiki.

Andy believes we all have the potential to change our lives for the better, for ourselves and for our planet. We can all make better choices, it is up to us to just simply decide to do so.

Andy Chrysostomou's website can be found at

Click here for Andy Chrysostomou's Amazon author page with details of his books. 

Dawn Mellowship, founder of Reiki in the City, is an author, freelance journalist and a Reiki practitioner and teacher. Dawn has taught Reiki to hundreds of students from all over the world.

Dawn was born in the United Kingdom and studied Politics at the University of Sheffield. At twenty-four years old, suffering from a back condition and feeling disenchanted with her life, Dawn undertook a Reiki course. From that moment on her life was radically transformed. Dawn changed her entire lifestyle and dedicated herself to self-healing with Reiki and helping others through her Reiki healing and teaching work and the power of prose.

After developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Dawn altered her eating and purchasing habits, switching to organic and vegan foods. After developing sensitivities to conventional beauty products she switched to organic cosmetics and penned Toxic Beauty, about the myriad of hazardous chemicals used in beauty and personal care products.

Dawn spent some months as the features editor of a women's lifestyle magazine called Tonic, producing many articles about health, beauty, lifestyle and poignant issues, as well as interviewing a host of celebrities. She currently writes ethical living columns for High Spirit Magazine and Natural Health Magazine.

Dawn Mellowship's websites can be found at,,,, and

Click here for Dawn Mellowship's Amazon author page with details of her books.

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